4 Reasons Why This Homeless Beggar is not Doing it Right

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He is making some mistakes that will not pay off for him in the long run.

Reason 1: He Needs to Look a Little Nicer
An author, John T. Malloy, of the book, Dress for Success, put on a nice shirt and pants to ask people in Manhattan for money to get home. He was able to collect $7 for the fare. When he added a tie later, he made $26. There is a big difference in our appearance that can motivate more people to give to you.

The bum in the pic should lose the glasses, trim up his beard and wear nicer clothing that presents more of a professional image.

Reason 2: Stand in front of a nice smell, such as a bakery
Studies show that pleasant aromas enhance generosity in people.

This bum is standing at a busy street corner which has all kinds of pollution. The spot is dirty and people want to get out of there as quickly as possible. They zip on by him and those unpleasant smells.

Reason 3: Use pique technique
Try the “pique technique.” How it works is that you ask for an odd amount of money—like, 37 cents. Studies show that odd amounts are more successful than asking for a quarter, because people assume you have a good reason.

I’m not sure what the bum in the pics sign says. But he may not be asking for the right amount.

Don’t drink wine while begging. This looks suspicious and gives a bad image of your intent.

This beggar bum looks like he had a hard life of addiction. Even if people can’t see a bottle, they may believe he is an alcoholic.

Reason 4: Hold sign about them
Don’t make your message look selfish. One marketing intern convinced a panhandler to switch from “Help me. I’m homeless,” to “If you give once a month, please consider me next time”—and her intake soared.

This bum in the pic probably has a selfish message, who knows?

Did You Know?
According to one study, males give to panhandlers four to one over females.


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