Why don’t alcoholics learn to brew their own beer?

i just saw another beggar with a sign that says they need money for beer. This guy was a little more honest about what he wants. But he looks considerably older, in his 60s. Assuming he hasn’t prematurely aged, I would think that he tried to make his own alcohol at some point in his life. What happened with that venture?

I’ve heard of alcoholic prisoners making hooch in their prison cells by fermenting a bag of orange juice, or whatever they could get their hands on. In times of extreme need, they will go to any length, usually. If the access to something they want is that restricted, then they can use human creativity to try and achieve the results they desire.

Not all of them are that creative though. Some just want other people to give them what they need. Ask for money to buy beer is very direct. They don’t beg for a beer brewing kit or anything like that. They aren’t thinking about the process and what they need to manipulate in fermentation to achieve aalcohol. They just want the alcohol. 

Those people who ask for money to buy alcohol are in need of a lot of help. Fermentation is a very easy process to manipulate. I have tried and made my own beer for a brief period of. I learned that if I wanted to become an alcoholic, that making my own is very possible. Even while living in my car, I could probably ferment a bottle at a time, if I wanted to.

However, if I didn’t have my car, it would be much more difficult and keep homemade alcohol on me because it would be extra weight to carry around. I would rather carry the money instead to buy alcohol, because the money is much lighter.

When distilled alcohol was invented, it became one of the lightest forms of potent alcohol to carry around. People have to mix something with distilled alcohol usually. Whereas, beer doesn’t need to be mixed with anything. So, to be the most efficient at carrying alcohol, you would want the distilled varieties. However, distillation is the most dangerous of all the alcohols.

Making alcohol can be dangerous. You can get bad yeast in it that can cause an upset stomach. Or it can turn to vinegar if left to fermenting for too long and taste unpleasant. Perhaps the alcoholic likes the consistency of brand name alcohols because they know each can offers the same product every time. That is an addiction problem. They rely on the same thing over and over again.


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