Who Fought Harder for Gay Marriage? Males or females?

im going to take a wild guess that males probably fought a little harder than the females. Males have more sexual fantasies about dressing down other males than females do with taking each other down a peg. You see a lot of ladyboys but you don’t see many women dressing up as men in stag shows. This was primarily a male centric event and as much as the females are happy for gay marriage to happen, they most likely have to take a step back in equality again.

Males can now be viewed as females with this new law. So, there should not be a preferential treatment and concern over balancing out the sexes in the workplaces. A man can marry another man as well as a female. The sex don’t matter, which is what we see. But when we see more males being chosen over females in hiring practices, then the issue of equality will come up in a different way now.

Men can become women. Women can become men. But when it comes to dominating personalities and basic psychology, it’s the man who still argues more, negotiates harder, asks for more. Women tend to accept what they are given more. If men can become women on a legsl basis, they will develop a way to get the edge on employment. They can be a spouse and negotiate for better pensions in retirement and medical benefits.

We will probably see male couples who have extraordinarily good medical coverages, pensions, IRAs and such over women. Women have always taken a lesser role, and will take an even smaller role as they get pushed further to the side as a result of the gay marriage legalization.


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