Real Will Power is walking into McDonalds and not buying anything

Its helpful when the employees look severely obese. But besides that, I have gone into a lot of McDonald’s just to use the Internet. I feel a little guilty not buying anything, but I have bought things in the past and don’t care to eat the foods. It’s not so much that they taste bad, because that isn’t a factor. They taste great. I’m just tired of struggling with my weight problem and also constipation problems.

To suffer both from obesity and constipation is a terrible thing. It really takes a lot of effort to overcome the constipation problem. It can sneak up on you before you know. 

Constipation starts with a full gut that just doesn’t seem to want to eject anything. Then you struggle to push what is movable out. It’s not healthy to struggle on the toilet. That tells me there is a lot of friction in the intestines and that damage is probably likely. It’s probably like scraping your skin against s hard surface. Eventually the skin will feel raw.
Poop does have different textures, some harder than the others. You want the softest texture possible. In Chinese medicine, they say it’s better to have slightly looser stools than slightly harder ones. It’s just safer that way in the long run.

McDonald’s doesn’t provide foods that are going to push you in the direction of slightly looser stools. They are a fast food restaurant, meaning the food is delivered fast. By removing all the fiber, they can shave the cooking time significantly. If you want fast, they have professionalized and done it. But fast is not in anyone’s best interest.

Fiber is very important, but it’s s bulk that cost food manufacturers extra money to transport and also takes away from taste as well. If you want excessive flavor, simply remove the fiber out content and you got it.


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