Common Mental Illnesses in Pacific Northwest Territories

ive noticed a pattern of mental illnesses in several cities that seems to be developing. Age looks to be a big factor, in that it afflicts older people in their 50s and 60s. The older people are a lot more outspoken when they talk to themselves.

I witnessed 3 clear cases, each in a different city: Salem, Beaverton, and Longview. The people are in larger cities where they can get the most help, right? I tend to see them around commercial areas too. They don’t really look like they have anywhere to go. They will take their time and enjoy life in the present. Could living in the moment be part of their problem?

I can’t say that any of them are fat, just a little chubby. They were all on their feet when I saw them. Do they get enough rest? Their health decline seems largely related to their age, but they may have made poor diet choices or even don’t get proper exercise.

They want to get something to shut up in their head. The Salem guy covered his ears and yelled at a trash can. The Beaverton lady yelled, “shut up Lorraine!” The Longview male said, “stop it”. They all had voices which they wanted to stop talking. Another guy in a different city actively argued with the voice in his. Another guy in Aberdeen would walk down the street and yell at the voice in his head. 

If they can’t get the voices in their heads to stop, they will either further argue with them and try even harder to get the voices to shut up by yelling. These people are that disturbed by their voices that they will yell at themselves in public. It is a little scary at first to be present during an outburst. You want to look and stare at these crazy people, but you wonder if they will yell at you too.

I try to watch these crazy people from a distance. Some have looked at me, but go back to yelling at their haunting voices. I think they are more preoccupied with themselves than concerned about people watching them yell. This affliction has involved only white people, from what I’ve seen so far. I generally don’t stick around in black or Mexican neighborhoods for very long out of fear.

Could these crazy people be putting on a show for money benefits? I doubt it. By their age, they should know they can’t make money doing this. The voices are real. They face those voices with no dignity. They aren’t dressed very well. At least they don’t keep up with the latest fashion, but who does in their later years?

Mental decline is a dangerous thing. These people border on disturbing the peace by their yelling.mthey bring attention to themselves and cause some fear amongst people within short distances. But, many people still want to give these crazy people freedoms. If we can give Down syndrome adults generous freedoms, then the others who hallucinate are afforded equal freedoms as well.


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