4 Lessons from the Color Weddings in Game of Thrones

1. Never invite anyone who is plotting to have you killed

I can’t stress this enoug. There is no more emotional an event to stir up trouble with your enemies than at a wedding. Your enemies could go the extra length to turn your wedding into a disaster out of the spirit of the occasion. With plenty of witnesses, it could have long lasting impacts beyond your own demise.

2. Hire trusted security.

When you want to keep enemies away from your wedding, hire a guard unit that is well-paid. Patting all the guests down for weapons can be helpful. Metal detectors can pick up what a human might miss. Going to great lengths on security checks can help a wedding event run more smoothly.

3. Choose a safe location

You don’t want to give the enemy e advantage of easy access to your site. You could choose a castle that has natural barriers which prevent any sneak attacks. Also, don’t give any Untrusted guests the high ground. Try to keep everybody on the same level ground if possible. No one really needs to so distant from the event that they observe it from a balcony anyway.

4. Be quick about it and get to the point.

The less time you spend gathering for the wedding, the smaller the time window an enemy has to make their move. Keep the proceedings moving along quickly and disband he guests before it feels like it might drag on for too long. An enemy can get uncomfortable or sloppy about making an attack too early when they don’t know the layout very well.


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