The Longer You Play, the More Likely You Pay: Hearthstone

As the bigger prize cards get more and more expensive, you either have to scale up your win ratio or spend some money for those epics and legends. That is how the system works. Purples and oranges are more expensive for a reason. Yes, there are people who do well with basic cards, but their play style is not very flexible and does get boring.

I am at the point where I don’t care about getting any more whites. I have everything. I also have mostly all the blues I need too. Now I’m working on getting the purples and oranges. This takes more wins to achieve. I can’t keep losing at the pace I started out with. I have to scale up my performance or gaining those better cards will take a much longer time than getting the whites.

I could pay money, but that requires money, and I have to think about eating first. I can’t eat electronic cards. Their nutrition value is very low. 


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