Working big muscles to reach the little ones and lacking experimentation in fitness

while I lay here upside down doing more back bends over the picnic table, I can’t help but notice all the active seniors trying to do some kind of run/walk around the park. Now, I don’t propose to know more than s senior and I certainly don’t fill their shoes, but I do have some different ideas about fitness.

The young people also seem to have the same attitudes about fitness as much as the seniors too. It’s like they just maintain the same kind of thoughts about physical activities throughout their whole lives. Maybe they learned their habits in gym class and stuck with those same habits throughout their whole lives. Maybe they assume that fitness is everything about what they learn in gym, and there is nothing more to it than that.

the muscles are much more dynamic than what we learn about them in gym class. We should look at gym as just a small stepping stone of what is out there. What they teach is not the most important physical lessons to learn. What they teach is how to get everybody active at once. The teachers gear their lessons for large groups of people. Some of those exercises work better in large groups than in small ones.

For example, running is a popular gym activity. It’s pretty easy to get s large group to run together. It may even feel good to be a part of that herd mentality. We take those memories with us into adulthood. Many people try to relive those group running exercises in their heads. Maybe they think of that one classmate who tried to sprint around the track and got winded quick, then walked. When he got his wind back, he started sprinting again. He just couldn’t figure out how to pace himself. It was amusing.

There are exercises beyond the gym class that are quite important, but teachers don’t have to time or resources to cover. They have to shuffle through large groups of kids in a weight room. Many kids may only get to watch from the lack of resources. They learn that maybe it’s better to be a spectator in these physical conditions. Who knows what always inspires the kids to perform certain exercises?

What the gym mostly covers are the big muscles. They don’t teach us about the little supporting muscles that also hold a lot of the big muscles in place. Many people don’t learn how to work those little muscles and may assume that just working the big muscles harder will somehow miraculously reach the little ones effectively enough too. This is not the case.

With that mindset of trying to only do major exercises for big muscles will lead to strength imbalances and joint pains. For example, how do you reach the bicep fe proud effectively? Many people may assume that it takes s faster walking speed. I beg to differ. I think that back bends helps more. But many people just don’t do the back bends, due to a lack of awareness or resources. That is where you have to get creative.


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