Hearthstone Banana Brawl is about overloading cards on Opponent

Malformation druid is a great choice for overloading the opponent in Banana Brawl. I can use Naturalize, which destroys their cards and gives them two cards. I don’t want to wait to use Naturalize. I will use it on the first minion they put out many times.

Then I use the Keeper of the Grove and Coldlight Seer to continue giving cards. At some point the opponent will have too full of a hand and start losing cards. I actually watched Dr Boom burn up once. That was satisfying to witness. All those extra bananas really help fill the opponents deck nicely.

I also use the Clockwork Giant and Sea Giant to take advantage of the opponents full deck. It’s nice to put the Clockwork Giant out for a cost of 2 mana. I wish I had another Clockwork for this Brawl. The Sea Giant serves as a little insurance for when the opponent might make a quick dump of low level minions, but the Clockwork shines here.

I also take further advantage of the opponents full deck problem by doubling up on the Goblin Sapper. I put a little pressure on them to spend their cards or destroy the Sapper as quick as possible. To serve as a little insurance against the bananas being spent, I want to use the Stonesplitter Trogg when I can. I only got a single of him. I probably could use a double of him and his brother, Burly Rockjaw Trogg. It’s something to experiment with, at least.

I wonder if anyone is trying a wind fury strategy. That might be fun with all the banana buffs too. Either way, this Brawl helps add a fun dimension to the card game.

I also doubled up on the Violet Teacher to make more cards whenever I cast a banana or spell. More minions mean more bananas when they die which is nice. The Imp Master could also be a nice addition as she keeps producing more imps and you can continue to buff her.

The mana addict can generate some high damage with all those 1 mana spells too.


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