Postal Annex in North Vancouver, Washington lost my Confidence (it could have been a package)

I question the cultural skills of the business owner, Elizabeth Robinson, when I told her my name. She needed my name and phone number to accept the package. But she wrote down Trevis instead of Travis. I did not correct her. I fear that she is culturally confused by not understanding that Travis is a common name.

Maybe I will take my chances with the FedEx Store. I have a 1 in 3 shot of it being right. Those are pretty good odds. Overstock is quite the gambling organization for homeless people. There is no UPS store nearby on the map, or I would take a chance with it. I do think UPS is used more often than FedEx, but I’m not entirely sure.

At least the Postal Annex will accept any package. Unfortunately, my confidence in the owner is very low now. I want to believe that she would accept it because she wants to make $3.50 for the acceptance. But that is a low fee in an upper class area. I think she could be a jerk now and say that the spelling of my name doesn’t match up with the package. I don’t trust her skill in analytical thinking. She was being outright insulting.

I was being a little bit of a jerk to her and that may be why she spelled my name wrong. That is why I quickly lost confidence in her. She made it clear that she can screw things up if you screw with her. Now that I think of it, I will not have any package sent to her. I think the message is clear that her seemingly intentional mispelling of the name, “Travis” is a clear indication she doesn’t intend to accept any package of mine.

Well, it’s nice to know that Postal Annex provides that kind of service. I just need to find one with a better owner/worker. But still, it doesn’t really cost me extra by taking a chance having the package delivered to the nearest FedEx Store. If the package turns out to be UPS, they send it back immediately and I get a full refund. That is no problem. 

Elizabeth thinks that the delivery service will send a package back if I have it delivered to an abandoned house. I beg to differ. I think if I can find a newly abandoned home, it can be successful. It’s not like the delivery service knows where all the abandoned homes are. It’s also not like they are trained to detect abandoned homes.

All I want is a carving axe. You can’t get it in any store because they don’t sell well. I even went to a wood carving store in Beaverton, Oregon and asked if they have any wood carving axes, which they don’t. They have every other kind of wood carving tool, but no axes. I don’t get why that is.

In all my life I have never had anyone spell my name wrong. I think, if I recall right, there was a black lady over the phone who spelled my name wrong. I think she was used to writing more ethnic names and lost touch with common American names. Good for her.

Elizabeth at the Post Annex talked with a common accent, was older middle age, and had white skin. She seemed as American as a person can get and yet she acted like she was not familiar with the name, “Travis”. She didn’t seem to have a mental disability. She didn’t seem drunk or high. She did seem competent about everything else, yet she misspells the most crucial part of the business transaction. If she can’t guess the right spelling for Travis, I question her analytical skills. How many people are actually running around in the US with the name, “Trevis”? I will have to google that. Maybe I’m the one who is sheltered.


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