Hearthstone sound effects and graphics help keep me more engaged in the game

Without the sound, I might make more mistakes. For example, with the Auchenai Priest, I sometimes forget that my heals are really damaging. I have lost a few games for thinking I was about to heal my own minion, when instead, I kill them off. Hearing the sound effect enforces to me that I’m playing the card.

There are several factors to cause me to make mistakes. I may look away and concentrate on something else for a moment. That break from focus on the game has led me to making mistakes. Sometimes the opponent seems to take an unusually long period of time and that breaks my concentration.

By listening to the sound effects, I can associate the sound with the cards. I can remind myself on more than a visual cue that I have a certain card in play. It really adds to the experience to have sound. Unfortunately, I can’t always listen to the sound, especially while using my iPad. I’m not always able to give the game my full attention because I want to read something in between turns.

The sounds help prompt me of my turn. Hearing that little jingle when it’s my turn will let me know it’s time to play again. Sometimes the jingle comes quickly, and sometimes it’s a little more sparse. Some players just take longer to play. I have to wonder how much of a factor is in the other players strategy to take their time.

I can associate sounds with the opponents cards as well to help me strategize. When I hear, “ready to ride” I know to expect 3 damage immediately upon placement of wolf rider.


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