Do Car Campers have fewer Mice problems than Home Dwellers? Yes.

When I sleep in my car, I have no other rooms to check! Such as he living room, dining room, kitchen and so on. Everything is within my arms range of motion. It’s also all within my ears keen sense as well. I keep all of my food within grasp at all times in my car. I read next to my food, sleep next to it, and play on the Internet sometimes with it too. If a mouse even attempts to bury it’s little nose in my food, I will notice it right away.

There is a lot of plastic in my car. That plastic can make a lot of noise when it moves. So I have little plastic bag alarms spread throughout my car. It’s a little unintentional to have bags all over because I try to keep them all together. The mice will move something that gets my attention though.

When I owned my home, I had some mice problems. A lot of times, I didn’t even know until there was poop evidence left in places, like drawers. I couldn’t be in all the rooms at once. I didn’t really have a full grasp of where all the mouse holes were. Being a 50 year old house, I’m sure the mouse chewed out some kind of elaborate tunnel systems.

In my car, the mice have to deal with my loud scary motor. Also, moving at fast paces on the roads would probably make the mice want to jump ship too. One time, in Tillamook, I heard some rustling noise around the engine that sounded like it came from a big rat. When I figured it was an animal, I just started up my car and drove a couple of blocks. The noise didn’t come back.

You can’t drive your house to a different location for safety as a home dweller. If you have any pests, you are forced to stand your ground. This can involve some nasty chemicals. As a car camper, I can easily drive away from the pests and seek a more pest free area. It’s all a matter of creating time and distance from the annoyance.


3 thoughts on “Do Car Campers have fewer Mice problems than Home Dwellers? Yes.

  1. Counteract:

    1. I’m so happy for you that you are in arms reach of everything you own! You are also in arms reach of a nut house!

    2. There’s a lot of old shit in between your butt cheeks. Maybe you should put to use the direct diaper?

    3. In your car you have to deal with the stench from your body odor….even the mice run away for your shit stink!

    4. Stand your ground sucka….but you still don’t own it!!!!! Ha ha stink fuck! Need a way out?

    Thanks for your concern,


  2. You are an annoyance and everybody tried to keep their distance from you…not the other way around sucka!

    You got an itchy itchy anus! Scratch that motherfucker would ya?

    Thank God for idiots.

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