Tree Sap Makes the Best, Cheapest Cologne for a Homeless Person

I find the evergreen tree sap to be some of the most fragrant natural smells out there. But it’s very sticky and difficult to work with. This can make application a bit of a challenge. This is also why I don’t necessarily use the tree sap. If it can be effectively in an oil base in some way, the tree sap may be easier to work with.

I think it’s better to use local fragrances in self-perfuming. You can get better in touch with your local surroundings that way. The exotic stuff can stay in exotica, or be somewhere to visit for the fragrances. Every place has it’s own unique smells and it’s just not the same bringing those same smells with you out of the area. You can have more incentive to travel by looking forward to the local scents.

We are too familiar with the corporate manufactured smells these days. Many of those scents you find in the stores are toxic. I was reading one scent description for vanilla that you put on a furnace filter. It said not to get too close to smelling it too much. It is too strong of a chemical in small places.

Much of the reason that chemically manufactured smells are dangerous is because they are extracts. You will always find problems with using extracts. Safety precautions are much more important with extracts over the natural products. I feel rather safe enjoying the scents of the evergreen sap on my fingers. But if I got a chemical smell, like strawberry on my fingers, I want to wash it off as soon as possible.

The more fresh the tree sap, the better. It does have a life span. This weird tree sap I seen was already fermented when I checked it out:

People drill into maple trees for the delicious sweet sap available. But every tree has its own variety of sap to offer. For example, birch sap contain salicin, which breaks down into aspirin. Too much can be an allergy trigger for many people, so it might be best to enjoy in smaller amount. The evergreen sap has turpentine which is a very nice smell.

Unfortunately, people prefer to cut down the trees and make room for their flower gardens instead. Many people seem to get more joy from the colorful flowers rather than the boring trees, especially the evergreen. People may only see the trees as lumber and not much more. Our relationships with trees has greatly diminished in this modern age.

One thing kids don’t get to enjoy in the game of Minecraft is the different scents that come from the trees they chop down.


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