Food Banks Close on Fathers Day? They Make a Bold Statement about Priorities.

I was surprised to see the food bank place a sign on their door saying they were closed for Fathers Day. That’s the first time I ever seen an organization celebrate Fathers Day. I had no idea it was even Father Day until I saw that it was closed. I guess I wouldn’t know anything about the holiday since I’m not a father myself.

There are plenty of holidays that I stopped paying attention to because I feel detached from them. For example, Christmas means very little to me since I have no family. I haven’t bought or received any kind of present in years. Probably, the biggest present I ever got was getting kicked out of a house on Christmas Eve to start my chronic homelessness.

I don’t feel the patriotism of July 4th either. I don’t get excited about the fire works. I don’t understand why people have to watch and listen to all those explosions. It’s not like they are doing any damage. It’s all for show and it costs money on top of that. It doesn’t make sense to waste so much money on something like that.

I haven’t had any love interest in years, so Valentines Day is just something that I ignore and endure. It was sort of special to me in my 20s for a brief time, but those feelings are dead and gone now. The holiday is strongly enforced in stores and seems more about consumerism than it does actual love.

Most holidays seem more geared for kids: Halloween, Easter, Birthdays. None of them really matter for adults. The holidays are just there for adults to enforce on kids. How many years does it take for the same holiday to be so predictable that you know exactly what to expect? I think we can mature out of these yearly events quickly.


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