People who are addicted to sugar are more likely to injure themselves

Those who have teeth cavities clearly have injured themselves. One of the earliest signs for injury risk are tooth decay. It doesn’t get much more clear than teeth which rot, break off, and get painful. The root cause of tooth decay are sugar extracts too. But, injuries don’t just stop in the mouth.

If your teeth are too weak to support normal digestion, then your whole body is in a state of disrepair. The body will accumulate tiny cavities circulated throughout it just like your mouth. Bacteria, infections, and Cancer spread all over the body. You can thank your circulatory system for that.

Without the circulatory system spread disease throughout your body, the disease has less of a chance to concentrate in one location. Spreading the disease out thinly gives the body a better chance to battle the weakness. If the disease is too concentrated, it can take a mind of it own and wreak havoc. That mass of disease can send out large elements of itself into the circulation without much resistance.

A lot of people say that an acidic body is to blame for many diseases. I will agree with that idea. Many kinds of diseases survive better in anaerobic and acidic environments, particularly yeast. Just watch how beer is brewed. The yeast can’t survive and effectively ferment the water without making the water more suitable to their style of living. Acid is a defense for these microorganisms.

On the other hand, alkalinity is the defense best used by animals to stay healthy. We are in a constant tug of war match between animal and bacteria. Animals strive for an alkaline state until we die and then our tissues get broken down. That acidity and rot does not smell good either. Although, some fermentation may smell good to some people.

Sugar breaks down our teeth and bodies because of the acid it develops. When we engage in vigorous exercise while in an acidic state, we place our bodies in peril coupled with the acidic state. The combined stress is enough to make a clear difference in risk assessment between sugar addicts and whole foods consumers. 

Muscle/fat ratio is a good way to gauge whether someone is healthy enough to exercise strenuously. If someone is fat, they need to move gently as they are very injury-prone. They are suffering from their addictions and have a high level of acidity in their bodies.


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