Marijuana Stores must follow the design of Apple Stores for Maximum Sales

All they are selling are plants found in nature, yet they display the weed like it’s the newest Apple watch. I don’t understand our glorification of marijuana. It’s a nice narcotic to use, but it’s not the only narcotic on the planet. Thousands of different narcotics exist and they are often ignored.

For example, you probably already knew that catnip will get cats high and relax humans, right? But did you also know that valerian gets cats high in a similar way to cat nip and also relaxes humans too. The root of the valerian has different phytochemicals from the leaves of the catnip, yet they have similar impacts on our well-being.

There is an alternative plant to every known plant. Whether the alternative be a brother/sister, cousin, or not even related, there are alternatives. For example, the hops flower is a cousin to marijuana. You can graft a hops root to marijuana successfully, or the other way around. Look at Frankentree. This guy successfully grafted several different fruits onto one tree.

I think we are holding the marijuana too high up on a pedestal, just like we do with doctors. It’s a fixation addiction that many people suffer from. They lack variety, possibly because variety is being squeezed out of our culture due to the singularity syndrome. Businesses don’t like variety because that cuts into their profits. If they have to present several different versions of similar products, they have to deal with more costly inventory.

It’s unfortunate to see lines and crowds at the marijuana stores and the bulk bins in Nature stores are left ignored. Many times, the other bulk herbs with spoil before anyone purchases it. While at a marijuana store, everything seems to be flying off the shelves. This is why their prices are so high and they can spend a lot of money on display cases. Bulk bin herbs just sit in jars with a hand written description.

The Nation is already already sick from its addiction to sugar extracts. We have an addiction to mobile devices. Plus, we think that we are enjoying a new renewal of freedom with legalized recreational marijuana. I think our freedoms are being crushed considerably and the marijuana makes little difference in gaining more freedom to enjoy life. Feeding an addiction is not really a viable pursuit of happiness.


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