Most of the Pacific Northwest is to Reach 100 Degrees next week. Nothing matters anymore

i see the record for Vancouver, Washington was 103. The upcoming heat wave is not far off from the mark. Where will I be in this heat? The way it looks right now, sitting in my car out in the sun. I haven’t found any shade trees to legally park under in northern Vancouver. At least the air is dry.

I don’t recall dealing with this incredible heat last year. It was hot, but not deadly hot. Last year, in the summer, I was closer to the ocean in South Bend, Ilwaco, Ocean Park, Warrenton, and so on. Those areas have natural air conditioning. I would love to hang out over there again, but the locals and their hired guns don’t take kindly to homeless bums. Cities on the ocean are more aggressive towards charging and fining people. They won’t let the ocean be enjoyed for free.

I think the cities north of San Francisco have been successful at remaining small because they got a posse enforcing severely strict laws a long the ocean. They know a good thing when they see it. Back in the 1800s during the free land craze, people were actually owning the ocean. The laws changed some time in the 1900s to prevent people from owning the beaches.

Still, about 50% of Washington beaches are privately owned because of grandfather clauses. Even the parts of the beaches that are said to be public can have signs every where warning about no trespassing. These property owners are overstepping their boundaries and can get away with it because of the ignorances of the newcomers.

How can 80% of Australia live on the coast, but not the US. Australia has a lot more sense to encourage people to live on the coast. They don’t waste resources to create a desert oasis like Las Vegas. Why build a city in an area where life cannot sustain itself? It doesn’t make sense to spend so many resources in these harsh environments.

Most of the central areas of Washington remain a wide vacant expanse. It’s a temperate desert on the east side of the mountains. While on the west side, there are temperate rainforests. On top of that, the government looks to control the peak of every mountain. They charge money to access the mountains. 

With the Wild Olympic Mountain controversy, the government continues to push for more ownership of the mountains. Who doesn’t want ownership of a mountain? The ones who get to own it are the people in power. They hire Rangers as gate keepers to prevent common folks from accessing the areas. When there’s a holiday, the mountain closes up. Where is the logic in that?

I would love to seek cooler weather up a mountain. I would climb until the temperature is just cool enough. Hell, I would hang out on the ocean if I could freely do so without a patrol harassing me. I would even settle for a fast River or waterfall. But the government, whether federal or city level owns them all and determines how much access we are allowed at these places.

Because of all the regulations, I am made to feel bad about not having air conditioning. Our ancestors didn’t have AC. They could freely move about and enjoy the features of the land. They didn’t have to stay inside a house and sit in front of the AC unit. That was not the norm. It shouldn’t even be the norm for today. It’s not really living as human beings. We are caged like animals because of the policies put into place by the rich.

So, I focus on trying to hang out in a library or store or restaurant to keep cool in 100 degree weather. Every natural air conditioning has priced the homeless person out.



One thought on “Most of the Pacific Northwest is to Reach 100 Degrees next week. Nothing matters anymore

  1. I’ve been looking at bremerton wash. Puget sound is generally cooler during the summers. Bremerton has a mission w lots of programs for homeless (unhoused) ppl. I think kitsap is in the name of it.

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