I Keep Eating Peanut Butter, Knowing it give me heartburn

I think that cancer will probably develop from my need to eat peanut butter still. I just bought a little jar of peanut butter and just finished it off in less than a day. I now have a lot of stiffness in my chest again. I don’t understand why it’s happening with only peanut butter. I don’t get the same problem with regular peanuts. I also don’t get the problem with almond butter, cashew butter or any of the other kinds of nut butter.

I didn’t always have this problem. It started at about age 30 from a terrible digestive accident. I was eating a jar of peanut butter per day with no problems. I probably ate a jar a day for a few years too. I think my esophagus caught up with me and started failing to handle the load over time.

Peanut butter tastes better than peanuts. I started eating peanuts in my early 20s, then switched to peanut butter. I had to have my daily peanut butter on everything. It filled me fast and tasted very good. I think that was the problem though -the fact it tasted so good.

Eating peanut butter is like drinking beer to an alcoholic, to me. I have an addiction to a harmful substance. The jars I tend to purchase usually said: peanuts, salt. That’s it. It’s seems so basic and healthy. But, I think they still add something odd in with the peanut butter to cause it to get so oily.

Is it a simple problem with the peanut butter getting stuck in my throat? Maybe or maybe not. I know that it does feel harder to swallow to drier parts of the peanut butter which usually resides at the bottom of the jar. Most peanut butter does not maintain consistency and oil rises to the top. You would think the oil should settle at the bottom, but it doesn’t.


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