Vancouver, Washington Library is a Spectacular Failure in Design; Here’s Why.

I can’t believe they were allowed to build something so dangerous and put it to use as a public library. The building is majestic to look at and walk around, that’s for sure. But that is as far as a person can go with it. I fear if there was an earthquake. I fear if there was a fire. I fear if a suicidal person decides to make this building their jump off point. There are so many things wrong with this building, yet it’s still very amazing to look at in the same turn.

I only spent a day at this building, and from the start I had trouble with parking already. Two hours to park in one spot? That is ridiculous. I rarely come across a library that has such terrible parking accommodations, except for in a large city. Towards the end of this video, you can see the struggle:

When I found a spot to use my computer, it really had a nice view. But unfortunately, it also invites trouble from the local skateboarding kids. Here, I record them getting into trouble for yelling at the people below that they, “dropped their pocket.”:

The library doesn’t have any great views of any natural settings. All the views are man-made, which are immense on their own undertakings. Watching the I-5 is almost like witnessing a raging river. It has the sound similar to a river. I walk on the balcony here in this video:

You can see where the library is located on Google Maps. The parking is very cramped for the size of the building. But on top of that, the parking is terrible throughout the whole city anyway. You have to get at least 20 blocks away from the library before the 2 Hour parking restrictions are finally relaxed. I parked at the Safeway, which is a very long distance away. The Dairy Queen is about the closest you can get to the library for parking that is not restricted to 2 Hours. They must have serious parking issues here:

Furthermore, there aren’t enough bathrooms. I had to wait in line to use the bathroom on the 3rd floor. So, I went to the 4th floor and there was also someone in that one stall.

The library is very elevator dependent. I preferred the stairs and the exercise involved. But most people are lazy and choose the elevator. What do they do when the elevator breaks down?

There is that open space of grass in front too. What is going on with it? It’s all fenced off from the public. Why do they have to fence off a grass field from people like that?

Also, there is a sign in the building that says it won an award for the best concrete pouring or design, or something. I don’t get it.

Here’s a walk around the inside:


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