Hitler was a Gambling Fool, according to Siegfried Knappe; author of Soldat

After reading Siegfried Knappes accounts about Hitler, I see that many people believed Hitler to be gambling with the countries future. As much as the people agreed with annexing the countries back after they were lost after WW1, they didn’t know the problems that gambling would cause.

Gamblers have an addiction problem. They don’t know when to quit. If you read about how Hitler handled the end of the war, it should be perfectly clear that he couldn’t stop. He gambled the country and peoples lives. He wasn’t willing to stop gambling until he died.

Hitler displayed classic symptoms of gambling. He kept pressing for more gains and power. He wanted full control of every decision.He let his emotions get in the way of his decisions too. Knappe described Hitler at the end of the war as looking 20 years older than he was. Knappe remembered seeing a much more youthful Hitler just 5 years previously.

Gambling can take a lot out of a persons energy reserves. An addiction will cause energy imbalances over time that can be devastating. Without proper help, the addiction of gambling can lead to a bitter end.

Gamblers will disguise their behaviors as being something a little more noble. Every day they may say that they just want a little more gain and then they are out completely. But, every day, if they have cash reserves still, they won’t see the logic in letting the resources sit and do nothing. Whatever is being gambled should be put to good use in a logical way to the gambler

But the gambler may not rationalize the use of resources in the right way. They see things differently from other people. Without an intervention, they continue their fixation on an object of desire until all of their resources are spent.

The thrill of winning on a gamble is a rush to live for as well. With each victory, Hitler and the country of Germany were feeling an elation from their gambling in the form of “National Pride”. They let the military victories determine their emotions for the day. As a result, it became a bit of a fixation for the whole country.

The newspapers in Germany played on peoples need for good news. Knappe soon found that when a military loss occurred, the newspapers would talk about how a military unit fought heroically. Losses were not reported as a way keep morale up. But, the newspapers couldn’t hide the very serious gravity of the situation forever.

People were happy to ration food for soldiers in the beginning. But towards the end of the war, they grew more disillusioned about the future of Germany. The people became more concerned with what was going to happen to them. Most wanted an end to the war that the gambler started, but he couldn’t stop for them, because he couldn’t stop for himself.


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