Fat Ignoring works better than Fat Shaming

my grandma (who is/was fat) always told me that if I don’t like looking at a fat person, then to turn my head away from them. I agree, it seems to work much better than trying to tell a fat person how disgusted I am with their appearance. It’s really not my or anyone’s business to shame these fat people anyways. The fat have to reach their own turning point, whether it be a health scare or social situation that changes them.

Fat people need to be looked at like they are drug addicts. The are suffering from a sugar addiction. Nothing else is making them fat. It’s simply sugar extracts. The fat have no willpower against it. The sugar extracts are not regulated because they are labeled a food supplement. Do you know how embarrassing it would be to the FDA to reverse their decision on sugar and label it a drug? They would take a lot of ridicule. But even worse than that, the sugar lobby would throw a riot.

Fat people are at the mercy of the most highly available drugs we have ever dealt with. There has never been a bigger confusion between what is a drug and what is a nutritional supplement. Sugar extract manufacturers have effectively walked a fine line between the two and have managed to make a lot addicts sicker in this country than our ancestors before us. Sure, there have been fat people in the past, but not to the enormity that we see today.

I will ignore the fat, just like I ignore the sugar-added foods. It takes a will power that you have to dig deep for. I have reached that low point myself and now I know what to do about it. It’s not a matter of exercising more or eating supplements, as marketers will have you believe. But I can’t preach to everybody what I think their problem is.

By not saying anything, is probably the best thing to do with a fat person. They are just like an alcoholic or drug addict. You can try an intervention and sending them off to an addiction counseling, but they will eventually return to the environment of addiction again and possibly old habits. It’s very easy and hard to avoid habits with eating sugar extracts if you are dependent on grocery stores.

The only way it seems to break the cycle of addiction is for everyone to go back to the farming lifestyles of the early 1900s. I have a feeling a lot of chaos will develop before those positive changes can occur.


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