Can I order a package to be shipped to an abandoned house?

since I have this problem of not having a solid address, I have to think of unconventional ways to order something online. Also, with the way that ordering and shipping is set up today, it is harder to work with than ever. First there is the problem with the company I order from, then there the problems with delivery companies, and then my own homeless problem. cannot guarantee you to know which organization will ship your package. They have some kind of system set up where the shipper is decided at the last minute. Perhaps they alternate shippers from their warehouse because they are so busy, who knows? The person ordering certainly doesn’t have a choice in the matter. Perhaps, losing that choice helps bring more savings in shipping costs?

I’m not even sure which shipper, between UPS, FedEx, or USPS is more likely to handle the package. My guess is that UPS is more likely to get business with Overstock, but I’m not sure. How they decide must be some kind of a business secret. In the age of Internet shopping, keeping secrets from competitors is very important, or they could be quickly copied.

The problem with the shippers is that they compete against each other. It’s not likely that they have entered into an agreement with Overstock to equally share the burden of shipping packages from their warehouse. Whichever shipping company can make themselves the most available will win the job, is my guess. Although, they do have their specialties.

The U.S. post office is known to specialize in small package delivery, but that doesn’t mean they can’t move larger packages too. While on the other hand, FedEx and UPS can transport medium to larger sized packages at a lower cost than USPS. I suppose there are differences between Fedex and UPS, but I can’t tell. One has a union and the other has contractors?

Either way, these competing delivery services usually don’t accept the others packages. I can’t have a UPS package delivered to a FedEx store, for example. Also, I’ve been charged extra money by US Post Office for a General Delivery shipment from UPS. The Post Office worker told me that since there was no Postal label on the package, he had to charge me for te delivery. This happened in Seaside, Oregon where it’s a $700 fine to sleep in your car.

With all the confusion in Overstock business practices and competing delivery services not working well together, I’m at a loss for ordering things online. I have tried many different ways to order things while homeless, some have been successful, while others have not been successful.

When I ordered shoes from Zappos online and had them sent to general delivery in Rice Lake, WI, I got lucky. The post office there agreed to accept my packages, even though, they were from UPS. Either the post office didn’t mind, or they didn’t know better. Either way, I got lucky with those orders.

Also, I knew that I could have general delivery sent to the post when the package was small enough. So, if I had a letter sized package to be delivered, I knew that I could count on General Delivery to accept it. For example, I had small packages sent to me in Sound Bend, Washington. However, when I tried to have the same package sent to Raymond, Washington, the post office turned it away. I was furious they rejected the small package. It had a USPS shipping label.

Each post office acts different from each other, even though they all work under the same Federal Government. It all depends on the people who work in the building, their attitudes and what policies they decide to ignore. I had a different experience in every post office I’ve been in, which was about 20 different post offices so far.

When Google Adsense needed a real address to send me a verification code, I could not use a general delivery adress. It needed to be an actual home adress. With this, I got lucky because the Homeless Shelter in Astoria, Oregon was very generous in letting me use their address. I never slept in the Astoria house, which is a requirement for using the mailing adress in other homes. 

When my mail finally arrived at the Astoria homeless shelter, I watched the volunteer sort through a lot of mail. He had a lot of mail to deal with. I think he looked through over 50 mail letters before getting to mine. I think he was just starting to get overwhelmed by mail, but still had enough patience to deal with with it.

When I needed to have my drivers license sent to a home adress, I used Aberdeen, Washington. Somehow, they accepted it, but were adamant that any further mail required me to sleep in the shelter. I refused. Aberdeen is full of a lot of low life drug abusing scum of the earth. I felt much safer sleeping in my car.

As I move around from city to city, I have to keep looking for a new mailing adress. I’m thinking that possibly an abandoned home could be an option. If I can give instructions, like leave at the front door, it might work out. I would just have to check for the package every day to make sure it’s not stolen. I would especially need to make sure that the abandoned home is really abandoned and in a safe location too.


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