Some counties in Washington require emission testing for autos

i just happen to be in Clark County, which requires emission testing. I suppose since they are close to Portland, that is the reason why they require emission testing. If I want to get stickers in this county I will need to run the test first, which costs $15. I think I could save that money and drive to another county that doesn’t require emission testing, which is any other county not near Portland or Seattle or Spokane.

At first I thought it was state wide to get emission testing, but they never required it near Raymond WA. I guess they can’t set up an emission testing facility every where.

Part of the reason I’m leaving Oregon is because of the emission testing. I don’t know a lot about it, but want to avoid it. Is the test to detect if there is too much oil burning? Does it say that I need a new catalytic converter? Overall, it says that more money needs to be spent to stick around this area, which is not what I need to do.

Prices and gentrification push me out of areas and draws me closer to other areas. Also, if the city police are jerks, I am also easily enticed to leave sooner. I have no ground to stand on and fight. If push comes to shove, I will fight, but not when I’m outgunned and out-manned.

Here are the counties that require emission testing:

  • Clark County
  • King County
  • Pierce County
  • Snohomish County
  • Spokane County

The other counties are spared the hassle. I wonder if Oregon also picks and chooses which counties require emission tests. Washington has over 30 counties and only a handful need the testing.

I suppose that across the whole US, you could find the counties that have metropolitan cities will require emission tests. It’s hard to tell if it works effectively enough. I think they should also have a noise test while they are at it.


4 thoughts on “Some counties in Washington require emission testing for autos

  1. You have no ground to stand on and fight because you are ALWAYS wrong when it comes to interactions with law enforcement! Wedge your direct diaper next to your anal sphincter and get windy! Also, get bent!

    What is the best thing about dating a homeless man? You can drop him off anywhere!

    79% of accidents happen in the home. Finally, good news for the homeless.

    I’d love to help the homeless people…. I just don’t know where they live!!!! Ha ha fucker!

    Praise the Lord that you are not Rice Lake Wisconsin’s problem anymore Hallelujah…can you give me a hell yeah!

    • Oh thank you. I hope to relax and not drive so much now. They gave me a new sticker for my car for $48 at the Auto Licensing office. I didn’t need to get the emission test.

      I don’t have my vehicle title because Washington only mails them to an address. The lady said that my address was no good and that I need to provide her with a new address, but I said that I don’t remember it exactly. She stared at me for a little bit, which made me uncomfortable. I wasn’t about to admit being homeless. She then decided to input unknown in the address section. I was happy that she could get past my address and because the old address is not in a county that requires an emission test, that is probably why I didn’t need the test.

      What have you been up to lately? Haven’t seen any posts from you in a while.

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