Does 15 Minutes of Sun Really Apply to the Negro or Black Person too?

I bet if you stood a white, fair haired kid next to a black person in the sun with skin exposed, you would find the white person enters into cancer territory much sooner than the black person. This general rule of 15 minutes is only a European rule and doesn’t exactly apply to the negro.

The wording about sun protection always seems to side with the fair-skinned. It doesn’t say that if you are black, then you don’t have to be as concerned about the sun. The wording is always more sensitive towards the light in color skin exclusively.

No national skin tone charts are present in America largely because that might look racist. So, the wording for sun protection will always side with the lighter skin colors. It’s a mind game that is playing out through political neatness. Let’s not talk about how good the black people really have it when it comes to the sun. Instead, let’s try to create more sympathy for the white people, and practically turn the black person white by making them believe they need to practice skin protection just as much as a white person.

Here a black butcher is grilling right on the sidewalk. I don’t understand how the fire department is not saying anything when people can’t even smoke within 25 feet of a building anymore:

Starts at about 0:15 where you can see the smoking grill.


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