Kenton in Portland, Oregon has no Demographics on Wikipedia,_Portland,_Oregon

This area looks like a bit of a slum in comparison to other parts of Portland. Yet, the statistics will onloy encompass the entirety of Portland as a whole. This will provide a false picture of what to expect to see in the Kenton neighborhood.

To compile statistics for Portland as a whole without breaking the information down further is like blind men describing an elephant. One may hold its tail and say that its short and fuzzy. Another blind man may feel it;s foot and say it’s round like a tree with rocks firmly embedded in the foot. No one has the ability to really picture the elephant as a whole.

I walk around Kenton here:

Portland is that very elephant. It’s very different from one end to the next. I think they want to withhold the more accurate neighborhood information because it would enrage the citizens of what is going on here. If they could see the income disparity and budgets allotted for the areas better, there would be a political upheaval.

The poorer neighborhoods are still annexed to the city and Portland doesn’t want to lose that. The poor districts still pay in their fair share of the taxes. There is still a great benefit for the city councils to maintain a strong hold on the neighborhoods, no matter how much has changed since they were first annexed.

One good way to hold onto a neighborhood is simply to keep the citizens ignorant of the budgets for their areas. Make them feel a sense of pride about the other nicer places in Portland that they are free to experience, although at a cost of parking in some areas. $1.60 to park for an hour? No thank you.

The surrounding neighborhoods of Portland should take a closer look at Keizer, Oregon. They successfully detached themselves from the city of Salem and saved extra money on their taxes as a result. The city looks like it’s doing fine too. Although, there are some parts that are a little rough and scattered with abandoned homes:

I walk around Keizer a little here:

Every section of the US is accounted for by census material. If Wikipedia fails to have the data, then there is a good chance the information is being withheld.


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