Comparing Suicide Bridges between Astoria and Portland; Oregon

I never thought of the Astoria bridge as a potential suicide bridge until I saw the signs on the Portland bridge. I remember back in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin of an old man who committed suicide by throwing himself off the main bridge into the river below. He was successful, probably because his advanced age made it more likely that he could die from the event. I suppose older people are more likely to die from shorter falls than younger people. It’s just a cryptic thought.

The Franklin Bridge may not be as high, but it certainly can be deadly. You also can see the Goonies House from it, which can be a neat view before your plunge:

bandicam 2015-06-17 10-25-12-147

Here is me walking over the bridge at 3:30

Here is the Portland suicide bridge:

bandicam 2015-06-17 10-35-07-360

I got a little lost here because I thought I could take Jefferson and didn’t realize right away that it was the street far below. I wonder if other people wanted to get on that street too and jumped to save time. Either way, this bridge has a tall fence preventing you from making the jump. It has a nice view of the city if you can ignore the chain link fence:

at 1:20 you can see some of the suicide bridge. There are hotline signs on both ends of it. I guess the fence still can’t stop everybody:

In conclusion, there are many places to commit suicide by falling. Some may encourage a person more than others. I think the drop spots that have a really good view of a city might be more enticing than other places. The reason being is that a person may think about all the stuff going on in the city as they watch it from above. They may think of all the bad people crawling around the city and have a good scope of everything. It might be easier to think about a city in it’s entirety when you can look down upon it from high above and it can give you a godlike feel.


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