Abolishing the Gold Standard has led to Tax Havens


I think it’s becoming more how easier it is to protect your own wealth by making it more mobile to move around. Walmart was able to spread their wealth over 70 different places to protect themselves from taxes. You can’t just move gold around like that. Gold has to be moved by against gravity, digital currency is not subject to the same problems as gold.

Those in power in the 1970s abolished the gold standard. It was ultimately Nixons decision. Since then, we have seen some of the most extreme financial crisises in history develop. The money has gotten more fluid now. The value of it is much more arbitrary. How can we really tell what the value of the dollar should be? Inflation continues to haunt us and create even more confusion over the real value of the dollar.

By stepping away from the gold standard, gold thefts may have come down a bit. In place of gold thieves has come hackers who now steal identities on a larger scale basis in hopes of making money off the individuals. The people have turned into the gold, and the thieves choose to mine the people.

If you remember the history of the gold standard, there were more farmers back then. People could raise their own food generally. The gold was tangible and useful, but not essential for survival. People could trade grains or farm resources, trapping resources, or hunted goods for things they wanted. The types of things traded never involved money. Currency wasn’t exactly the focal point for trades.

We are more dependent than ever on trading currency for goods. There are many negotiations over the value of the money. But it’s hard to tell what trades are really accurate to the value of the price. Trading 1 billion dollars for a website seems rounded off so much to the point that it doesn’t even seem real. We hear a lot about these major trades where the money figure is rounded off by millions of dollars for some reason. Why don’t they mention any change in these trades? It’s because the figures are arbitrary and have a bias in favor of the rich people manipulating them.


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