You can’t get in the car, you ain’t got no key

To counter that you say that you do have a key but they are holding on to it. There you get a glimpse of a black persons personality. I overheard another loud black person yell at their kid that they didn’t have the key to get into the car. The kid will learn from that simple statement that other people have their stuff, and it’s just s matter of grabbing the stuff from them when they need it.

I had a black friend once who used to say he had a car and a phone. But I said that I didn’t see his car or phone. He meant that my car and phone were his to use too. He thought on a different level from me. His thinking was that everything is on a shared basis among friends. If he makes a friend who owns certain stuff, then that stuff also becomes his as well. It’s some kind of shared friendship thing.

You can’t be friends and not share anything with anyone. That is no kind of friendship to a black person. You have to share it, whether it be a blunt or a boat. He gets to enjoy the same stuff as you because you are friends with each other. It’s how friendship works with a black person.

A black person borrowed me money once when I didn’t ask for it. He said I could pay him back later, but if I didn’t pay him back, that would be ok too. Stunned, I just took the money and never paid him back. This didn’t happen in the US. I don’t think this type of situation would ever happen in the US. It occurred on an island in the Pacific. I think that the mentality on a small island is much different than a large continent. You have no where to hide on an island. However, I was in the military and flew out the next or so.

American Indians were notorious with borrowing and taking things that weren’t theirs. They invited themselves into homes unannounced and made for an uncomfortable presence with Europeans who are not used to the loitering. Everybody has a different tolerance for loitering, so we all will interpret it differently too.

A black person would see loitering as less serious than a white person. Just as a black person sees less of a problem borrowing things as well. There is less of a feeling of responsibility on the individual because the item is shared among several people. If something breaks, it’s most likely because of a collective use of an object, like a car rather than an individual causing the problem.  Although it also depends on how something breaks too. But even if it’s broken by accident, a black person don’t know nothing about it.


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