The Portland Japanese Garden is protected by poor humans for rich humans; Oregon

It’s amazing how the government puts so much effort into protecting the higher elevations. There is a higher environmental priority than there is for deserts. Once the area turns into a desert wasteland, then it can ignored. Although, I have to admit even the petrified forests of central Washington still receive government protect for some reason.

What are we trying to protect these days with fines and regulations? The dodo bird is gone and can never come back. The government practices a lot of hindsight bias where we damage the environment and then ask for forgiveness afterward. Then again, we do have to heartwarming story about bringing back the bald eagles from near extinction. They figured out in the mid 1900s that DDT was wiping out the eagle species by causing thin egg shells.

Not every animal can be a national species. Not every land feature is beautiful enough to be protected. What really accounts for protection anyway? I was walking through the Japanese Garden and saw a worker picking up sticks from fallen trees and transplanting ferns in the area in their place. He didn’t think that nature was acting natural enough for the tourists so took action.

How much human intervention has there been in changing the landscapes of the natural parks? I say it over 50% because we have been to everypart of the earth. Even the most unreachable places, like Everest have been reached and flagged by humans. We have both consolidated some resources, like oil and gold while spreading other resources, like manure. You can sure but that any visible signs of copper, gold or silver of any National Park has already been dug up and sold.

What if all the copper in the world was collected by one rich guy and locked up? There would be an increase in diseases, the water would go stale more quickly, there would be a reduced electrical activity as well. More positive charged ions would effectively spread, which leads to reduced fertility and many other problems that stifle life.

We have removed most of the precious metals from the environment now and there are consequences to that trade. Certain species, like slugs, love that the copper is removed. We open up the environment to other, possibly less desirable animals to thrive and multiply, especially the diseases:


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