Looks like Multnomah County Library; North Portland might be in a ghetto

but right now it seems kind of safe. Whenever I see streets named after black people, I get a little nervous. I learned to be nervous about those street name when I was stationed near Shreveport, Louisiana. A black soldier actually got shot in the leg for taking too long on a pay phone. You don’t want to stick around the bad neighborhoods, let alone stir up trouble in them. Trouble can come from not responding to a black person accordingly.

Aggressive young people don’t like to be ignored, especially in the ghettos. They may already have a low enough self esteem as it is. For you to act like they are lower class than yourself can enrage them. They are probably already mad at their parents for being so unsuccessful. They probably already feel defeated in knowing how well the rich people got it. There are plenty of rap videos to taunt and flaunt young people with lavish lifestyles.

It’s the day time outside the library, and it seems pretty settled down. Although there is some evidence of Grafitti tagging on every blck that wandered on to. Across the street is some kind of extra security office and it has a door with bars on it. Many homes carry signs that say they are protected by a private security system, like Brinks.

When they have to preach about racial tolerance in a community, then you know there is a continuing problem going on. 

Just watching people walk by, I notice that it is almost 30% black people. I walked past one clearly abandoned home too. Most other homes seem in average shape. They aren’t doing anything immaculate with their properties around this neighborhood, not like Portland residents around the Japanese Garden on the hill.

There is a football field right next to the library. Also there is a High School next to it. I think the football field is new because it looks like a construction site.

The blue circle indicates my location. But that construction site is an actual football field now. So they have the money to invest in making changes in hopes to improve the area to prevent it from erupting into a fully chaotic ghetto. They still hold on to a solid system of structure here. Or, at least the schools always get funding anyway. Although, sports complexes usually get donations from private citizens as far as I understand.



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