The Biggest American Scam is Getting Cats & Dogs Fat then selling them diet foods

if we were to tell the story about our interactions with 4 legged animals in cities we would see how it’s changed over time. It started out with pioneers dependence on wild animals for food and less on farming. Then farming grew as more of a dependence while people established their grazing territories. Those territories became more and more limited when all farm animals were kicked out of the cities. Then we were left with cats and dogs.

Marketers learned how to structure their sales accordingly. Since we are limited to only cats and dogs in the cities while over 90% of the population ignores the other animals, put all the focus on cats and dogs. With the Internet, we have all kinds of stories related to cats and dogs now. Some people may not know that other animals even exist.

Thankfully for marketers, the cats and dogs are highly dependent upon their owner to feed them. So, the choice for quality food can be manipulated. How healthy do you want your pet? It will cost you more money for the foods that won’t get it fat with added sugar. The pet scam has followed the human scam since the 1980s. I never noticed fat pets until after the 1980s. But I did notice a lot of fat humans.

I think the marketers learned that they could get away with fattening up humans by injecting more sugar, that they started doing it with cats and dogs too. What a scam.


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