It’s Easy for the Government to Make Money -Just Fine People

But if I want to make some money, I have to bend to the will of my new oppressor and serve them until they decide it’s fair that I get a stipend in return for my time. The system is set up to be very partisan and those in power are selected arbitrarily many times.

I was just reading another agreement with the library for accessing the internet and they threatened me by saying that if I don’t agree to their contract, then I can face a $250,000 penalty. It’s so easy to throw those kinds of numbers at us, but they don’t exactly seem real, especially since I don’t make anything even close to those fine figures.

When the disparity of my income doesn’t come close to the fine that is imposed, the fine becomes a farce. I can’t even fathom how I would off such a fine and it seems comical for an organization to bother alloting such a figure against me. Does this fine really scare poor people, where money is scarce anyway? We are learning to work around the money these days.

I think the abolishment of the gold standard has led people to put more effort into working around dollar figures. The money is arbitrary and doesn’t seem real anymore as there is nothing solid to back it up. The past financial crisis’s show us how much the vlaue of a dollar and fines can fluctuate. When we are perceived to make a lot of money, the fines can go up. But what if the income and investments go down, the fines still seem to remain in place.

The government only seems to respond to positive growth reports for their fine systems. Negative reports on the economy are largely ignored and it probably takes more court battles by the poor people to fight the excessive fines. But poor people tend not to make those fines and the fines remain stagnantly high.


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