The Second Beaverton City Library is almost as busy as the main Beaverton City Library; Oregon

I walked around this general location to have a look at it. I can’t believe there are 2 major gyms almost within sight of each other, plus another higher class gym is further up the hill. But that may not be any strong indication that everybody is fitness-minded as much as how busy the area is. The traffic is very congested in the area and the businesses look nicer and better designed to fit the upperclass income earners. There are a lot of nice cars that drive through the area. People seem to love their driving:

IMG_1589The place was so busy that I actually witnessed a traffic accident. It occurred in the dark, so I heard to crunching more than I seen it occur. Some young lady finished parking her car and got out to see what damage she did to the other parked car. I then heard her start saying OMG. The next day I could see the damage on the parked car, but she didn’t leave a note or anything. I wonder how she contacted the other driver?
bandicam 2015-06-13 14-42-30-249I just captured whatever seemed interesting:


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