The Most Decorated People have the Weakest Will Power

from what I have noticed, the people who brag the most will tend to have the weakest willpower. It’s been said that males with the largest trucks have smallest penises. I think that there are a lot of people who surround themselves with beautiful things, but also use those same things to cower behind as well. It’s like the king feeling safe behind the walls of his own castle.

i noticed that when I used to sleep inside homes, whenever it was dark, I would feel a certain kind of fear that I needed to quickly duck back into the home for safety. That mindset quickly changed when I started sleeping my car. I lost that mindset that I had a home to hide inside from all the bad things. The car is my protection now. I still have a certain level of cowardice hiding behind the glass panels and steel of my car, though. The car still offers some protection.

Imagine the bravery a homeless person or even a camper has to face. They no longer have a sturdy wall to serve as protection between themselves and the sounds of the night. They can’t say they are glad to be indoors where it’s safe. That mindset changes our perception of reality. We can become more in touch with nature and animalistic. We learn that maybe our fears are unfounded while engaging in chronic home dwelling.

People who carry all kinds of decorations use them as a barrier of protection from scorn. But do the flair trinkets really speak much for their personalities? No, as far as I believe, the stuff that people own is just another example of humanistic art design. Yes, there can be functionality, rank & order, and other associations with owning certain things. But it’s all just an art in the end. A space ship to blast off towards Mars is still just another art design in the end, something that Michelangelo used to work on himself.

Sure, much of our art has seem to conquer nature and get us to the moon, but those artistic achievements still cannot speak for us as humans. We can’t let that artistic pursuit speak for us. Only the cowards try to give the art more meaning than it deserves. The art has a lifespan and is in constant need of change for the humans to feel viable on this planet. 

The trinkets we carry come and go. The products change over time. Our interests wax and wane, especially when the stories may experience a lull. I think as soon as you buy, win or earn a trinket is the time to start letting go of it in pursuit of other interests. You can’t hold on the inanimate objects forever. Even Charles Heston finally had his guns pried from his cold dead hands.

This is a quote from Soldat by Siegfried Knappe

Hunger, desperation, fear, and hopelessness helped break many prisoners. Some people were more affected by hunger than others. Some just thought of nothing but food all day long, and then they ended up throwing away their pride. Diplomats, generals, noblemen, war heroes – it was not possible to predict who would sell his soul for a little more food. I have seen generals going through the garbage cans behind the kitchen building, looking for potato peels! I was hungry too. We all were. But I could always find a way to put it out of my mind.


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