Nature is Boring in Cities because The Parks & Rec try to Protect Everything

You see the fences up everywhere, shielded by signs with walking patrols by the park workers and cops. They are working hard to protect nature from the human activity. It is a terrible thing what humans do to the vulnerable parks and it takes heroic efforts to save whats left of the natural appearance.

Unfortunately, this makes nature extra boring because we can’t touch it and are forced to look at it from a distance. Don’t you dare try to get a closer look at those protected wetlands. Your will ruin it with your presence. Even thinking about nature will cause damage to it. It’s too bad the cities can’t slap ordinances on your thoughts too. maybe someday they will find a way.

While the cities at protecting nature within their jurisdiction, they are also mowing all the grass down to within inches from the ground. All tree and leaf debris must be swiftly removed and placed elsewhere so that nature can look more natural. What is the best way to show us nature?

How nature is presented to the public when the curfew has lifted is by allowing us to only look at it during daylight hours, where we see 2 inch grass, some tall trees where not a single tree limb can be reached, since that is more natural and also some young sickly trees transplanted in between the larger ones sometimes.

If you want to experience nature outside of any city, then you will have to travel a long distance and then pay the parking fee. Then, maybe they will present nature in a slightly different form. Although, with enough park fees generated, they will be able to afford a lawnmower so that they can make nature more presentable.

Where else do kids turn but to video games to overcome their contempt for nature.


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