I had a very unhealthy relationship with a girl once who smelled bad.

she eventually made the right choice in calling the cops on me. I didn’t realize that I needed that intervention help redirect my focus away from her. She could see more clearly that our union wasn’t going to work out. I was just happy to have any kind of a gf. I nagged her a lot about eating and thought that she could change.

Her pussy smelled really bad. I brought that issue up with another girl once who said that my gf was probably dehydrated. But it seemed like something far worse than a problem with drinking water. I think she permanently damaged herself down there from an addiction problem.

I know a guy, who rented a spare bedroom, that smelled badly all the time too. He said that he did a lot of meth. He was 19. No matter how much he tried to wash himself, his bad smell still lingered. It came out of his pores. I think he permanently damaged himself by carrying on with bad habits for too long. It must have been really bad, especially at his young age.

My ex gf showed me a picture of herself when she was more slender at age 16. I thought she did look better back then, but her health certainly declined since then at 19. I believe she tried to fight her bulge a little bit. She developed a line around her waist from pants that were too tight. I think she was purposefully trying to will the weight gain to stop by wearing the tight clothes.

She had a very rotund father and fat family, in general. I was taken back from the sight of her father when I me him. He looked almost as wide as he was tall. When I was at their house, I saw all kinds of sweets, cakes, cookies and stuff. It was all very sickening to look at. I could see they were struggling with a sugar extract addiction.

My ex gf drank a lot of sugary sodas. She probably went through about a liter per day. She drank a lot of Tab too because her parents drank it. It is the only soft drink that know which has a Cancer warning on it. My ex gf mentioned something about the Cancer but wasn’t concerned about developing cancer from Tab.

I preached a lot about the high protein diet and not consuming sugar extracts. She eventually switched from regular Coke to Diet Coke. After that switch, within a few weeks, she lost 13 pounds. I couldn’t exactly tell though, she was a very big and tall girl. 

I was amazed at the size of her chest. It took 2 hands to wrap around one boob. That was probably one of her most fascinating attributes about her to me. Everything else about her was not that appealing. For example, she had no butt. It didn’t flex or move when she walked. She obviously never squatted or exercised at all. I think she spent a lot time sitting more than anything. I never mentioned the importance of squatting to her though, mostly because I didn’t know enough about the exercise or was passionate enough about it. I was more passionate about diet.

I found myself complaining a lot in her presence. I looked at her like a teenage therapist. I would whine and moan about everything that bothered me and she tried to comfort me. She was going to school to become an elementary school teacher like her dad and loved the discipline of positive enforcement. She was using me like a test subject by applying the principals of positive enforcement to. I was a ready student.

I suffered a lot of depression for some reason through my 20s. I have to wonder if owning a home in Wisconsin was partly to blame for being depressed. My ex gf knew I had the home and met the tenants I rented it out to. The one Christmas our relationship lasted through, she suggested giving the tenants envelopes with a stamp and my address on them. I thought that was clever. My ex gf had clever ideas that came from time to time.

One time when we went to watch a movie together, she wanted to play with me in the theater. I wasn’t in the mood for it. I was influenced by the more attractive looking girl we sat next to. My ex gf seemed more repulsive to me when other attractive strangers are around. After the movie I told her never to do that again. She asked if we were breaking up, and I said no. I couldn’t just let go of her because I felt she was all I could ever get.

She went to Mexico for 3 weeks and came back a changed person. She learned how romantic Mexicans were and compared our intimacy to the Mexicans. She saw that we didn’t really have a healthy relationship. When she came back to Wisconsin, she called me to tell me that she was breaking up with me. When I met her in person, she became very cold. It was even more unpleasant to be around her and I was torn.

I realized that the friends I hung around were mostly her friends. I resented her friends because of her. I blamed some of them for tricking her into not liking me. I became more alone as result and cared much less about college at that point. School can be brutal, especially when you lose interest in it.

I emailed her frequently after the breakup. It was those emails that got me in the most trouble, I think. But. Also I walked by her house as wel, because it was only a mile away and I loved to walk. I left a couple things on her car, such as a pencil, and this was written in the police report as well as the pages of emails they printed off.

For some reason, she seemed to egg me on by telling me about her kissing another girl for money. I guess she was participating in parties where she experimented with new experiences. I wished that she didn’t tell me about those experiences. It was frustrating that I could no longer share in them. Although, it was tantalizing and scandalous as well.

The cops called me and told me to turn myself in. I contemplated whether to really do it or not. But, then I read in the school newspaper how the week before, a student was arrested right before he went to class. I thought about how embarrassing that must have felt for him. The cops could just as easily have found my class schedule as well. So I walked over to the police station after their harrassing calls.

The police sergeant took pride in the fact that his voice and words were enough to get me to come forward. He did seem pretty intimidating and I didn’t want the situation to escalate any further. So we talked.

A few years later I saw a poster of her dad advertising his children’s reading dates. He looked like he lost a lot of weight, especially in his face. I guess her family changed their views on health a little but and I was happy for them.


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