A simple table can offer quite a few exercise options as long as its sturdy enough

You can do some rows that will help tighten up the back of the shoulder. Sitting at the computer too long will stretch the rear of the shoulder excessively:

Also, working on the back of your upper spine back pressing your head against the underside of the table can offer resistance for a neck exercise:

I find myself falling into the trap of low activity when I’m at the library. I can spend all day on the computer playing around, but not actually getting much exercise from the kind of play found on a computer. So, I need to think of ways I can offset the laziness problems as best I can.

Using a knee pad serves as a nice cushion for the neck exercises.

Also, getting on all fours helps with releasing stuck gas in the intestines.

Also, if you build up the back of your neck, the increased muscle size can pull the skin more taut and smooth out wrinkles a little bit. But the added blood flow, in general, helps anyways.


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