Working the Biceps Should Not Involve Too Many Farmers Walks

I tried carrying a weighted bag and injured my hips as a result. 3 years ago, I walked a heavy bag around town all summer and developed strong biceps, but also hip problems as well. Then, when trying it again a couple weeks ago, I injured my hips again. The lesson here is that to work biceps, you should not try and carry weights with you. What does this mean?

Well, I’m glad you asked. It means that the bicep is not a very important muscle to work. The stronger it gets, the more likely you are to injuring other parts of your body. The bicep has to be looked at as a secondary muscle that gets worked indirectly, I think.

I will admit that when I did carry my weighted bag around, I tended to carry it on my sides. I rarely carried the weight in front of my body. I didn’t want to draw the attention from the public by carrying the weight in front of me. By choosing to carry the weight at my side, I looked more regular and fit in better.

So, I injured my hips on 2 separate occassions. What frustrates me is that I also played around with carrying the 45 lb dumbbells when I used to have a gym membership. I would walk with the heavy weight on a treadmill. The difference in the gym was that I tended to carry the weight in front of my body which worked the biceps more. I never experience hip problems while I did that.

I want to create a mobile bicep routine, but carrying weights in front of my body does not seem to work because of the public scorn that can result. People take on the attitude that I need to get a job instead of trying to perfect my workouts. But, I’ve had jobs and they tend not to be as physically rewarding as an exercise routine.

I actually enjoyed carrying weights around, but the pains in my hips forced me to change my mind on doing that. i don’t walk like I normally do with weight on my sides. I must twist the hips in a weird way that reaches a nerve to cause pain.

I mostly walked on flat ground. When I walked the mountain of Astoria, oregon, my hip pain vanished. I have to wonder if walking my weights up and down hills could be better for my hips. Clearly, the flat ground is not friendly to my hips.

Without being able to carry weights around town to work biceps I have to look at alternative exercises. But the alternatives are not as desirable. I’m limited to suspension training or just standing and doing curls. I keep the weighted bag in my car, and I would need to exercise right next to my car to work out my biceps. This is boring. Being mobile is much more desirable for working biceps.

I have another option, which is to try and get some Indian Clubs. But I can’t walk them around town either. They tend to be lighter in weight and you work against their horizontal positioning for good exercise. The Indian Clubs look like something that is way off in the distance for experimentation with since they tend to be so expensive.


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