What cities attract more than other cities?

i can’t help but notice that some cities tend to have larger groups of bums than other cities. It surprises me too, because I expect to see quite a few bums in one city, like Keizer, Oregon but don’t see any. I’m not sure if I can use the conclusion that police enforcement has a lot to do with it. Because I have been to cities where I never noticed a single cop around when I sleep in my car and there are no bums lingering around either.

I think that bums are sociable creatures. They will probably go to where other bums are, most likely. They may want to develop themselves a support network of other people who understand what they are going through. They may also feel a sense of security in groups as well. 

It can be rather tough to be the only homeless bum in a city. You are compared to all the other successful winners. But, if you can find friends with other losers, you may not feel the pressure of other people, who can buy you. There is a comfort in being with people who don’t look down their blue noses upon you.

The bums learn about a city differently than the rich. While a rich person is interested in what they can buy at a Target, the bum learns if there are many generous people willing to give a dollar for charity. But, I don’t mean to single out Target, it’s just an example. I can’t say I’ve seen bums hang around Target.

Bums are more likely to congregate the lower class stores instead, such as Walmart or McDonalds. I think they get run out of the higher end stores because the differences in class appearances become more pronounced. It may be harder to tell the difference in dress between a middle class person and a lower class person.

Perhaps style and dress may be a factor in how one city has bums and the other cities, of similar design, do not. When it comes down to it, clothes are about all that a bum has left in this world. So, their appearance is a dead give away to their status and can make them the object of scorn by the better dressed cultures.

We all have probably seen the videos of bums in business suits asking strangers for money. They look more successful and are actually more successful in securing money from other people. People seem to prefer giving more money to people who look like they don’t need it, rather than people who could use the money for survival. 


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