Modern Mail Does not Work Like it Used to

You can’t just choose Fedex or UPS like you used to be able to do. Now, the delivery could be from either or as a mystery. Sometimes, if the package is small enough, it could come in through USPS. They can’t tell you which company will handle your mail until the package finally ships.

This is hard on the homeless guy who relies on the General Delivery for mail. I can’t recieve packages from UPS or Fedex unless I coordinate with a Fedex store or UPS store for them to hold on to my package. Because I’m a rambler and never have a permanent adress, I find it takes extra work to find these places.

The problem is that I can’t just give a UPS Store or Fedex store upon my order from I have to give a fake address first, then find out as fast as I can how the package is being shipped. Then I need to change the address to correctly go to the proper business. If its a UPS package, then it goes to a UPS store. If it’s a Fedex package, then it needs to go to a Fedex store.

Rarely will a homeless shelter work with you on accepting a package. Many will require you to sleep with the other bums to establish an address to ship at. This can take extra time, as you need to first find out if there is room available to sleep, then start abiding by their curfew of 5pm. You have to be inside the shelter by 5pm or they won’t let you in after that. It’s awful.


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