The Light Wars are always Won by the Cops; what if I used a spotlight back on them?

They always shoot the suspect first with incredible amounts of light, especially at night. I don’t think the cops firepower is to see you as much as it is to blind you. The cops win by placing you at the disadvantage of being blinded by their candlelight power, and sometimes light show. It’s a very unpleasant and disabling experience with cops right at the start of their encounter.

Not many people, that I know, enjoy flashlights in their eyes. Usually, at night, a nice little glow can be welcome from time to time. Your eyes just have to put in a little bit of an effort to adjust to a slightly brighter light. Even the sun shows respect by gradually growing dimmer or brighter over an extended length of time. The moon may offer another faint glow when it can.

But cops come in with lights blazing. Their guns may be a little limited, but the flashlights and spotlights are not. You feel the heat from their light. You feel like you are on a stage in front of a very critical audience -and you are. The cop will ask all kinds of personal and demeaning questions to make you feel embarrassed. The light in your face as they ask their questions just adds to the discomfort even more.

How do we know that a cop is really harassing us when we can’t see them? I had quite a few cops not identify themselves and tell me about trouble in an area. It can’t be hard for a crazy person to imitate the cops behavior and get a victim to do what they are told. Many mentally ill people have posed as cops in the past and many more in the future. Just at the excuse of Halloween for many.

When a cop says they are there to help people, it’s usually not the ones they have their bright flashlights pointed at. If take the stage for their light show, then you are already being disabled by the police. Bright lights is the first step in disabling the suspect and it can escalate further from there.

Just remember that the people who flash their lights on you have always been annoying and make you want to punch them. Cops are exactly those kind of people. There is no honor and honesty in being blinded by their lights.


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