3 Most Important Locations to Look For in a Different City; as a Homeless Wanderer

On top of these 3 locations, I also keep an eye out for water sources, bathrooms, grocery stores and anything that might look interesting. But these are places that I won’t spend significant time at. Where I find I spend a lot of time is at these types of locations.

Ofcourse, I spend copious amounts of time in my car. When I sleep in my car at night, there isn’t exactly one specific kind of place that I try to sleep at. it really depends on the location. Sometimes a church parking lot might look inviting, although, some churches put up signs that say, “no overnight parking”. I try to respect the wishes of their signs as best as I can.

1. Library: So long as I have a computer with Wifi, the library is the most important place that I go to spend copious amounts of time. I’m able to research the city and learn alot about it. I don’t need City Hall or the Police Station to learn if the city is safe or not. The library internet provides me great information when I ask the right questions in Google Search.

I am covered for the bathroom at the libraries. The only library I have ever been to that failed to have a bathroom is at Cannon Beach, Oregon. You have to walk over a block away for the public restroom. Otherwise, the bathroom is pretty standard for all libraries.

It’s nice to escape extreme temperatures in the library. When it’s extremely cold or hot, I am not able to concentrate very easily on the computer. The indoor conditions work very nicely. Although, if the library offered better outside internet with better tree cover in the parking lot, then I could sit and play on the internet in my car more.

[Side note: it would be cool to see a car cafe that offer free Wifi. Internet users don’t exactly need much motivation to play on our devices these days}

But the library isn’t always open at all times of the day.

2. Food Banks: I’m just recently discovering the need to know where these are with my crippling poverty. To offset my food budget is extremely important to do or I face having to starve to make up for the lack of food stamps money for the month.

Being aware of the locations and times for various food banks is important. I will plan my days around them sometimes. It’s important to be able to get the food before I can focus on doing other things, like exercising or playing on the internet.

3. Parks: I need exercise and have to see if any of the local parks can offer the best resources. Most of the time, I am disappointed in the park, but every so often I can find a nice gem. My needs tend to be different from others for park use. I want places to use a suspension trainer mostly. But it’s also nice to have a short path to run back and forth on, or even a clean picnic table for added exercises.

Some parks are just for sports. You see them with open, well-mowed fields of nothing. They tend to lack trees or even different terrain. They are flat boring ground reserved for people with want to hit a ball around. I ask you how important is it to bat a ball around? I think people have put too much effort into these sports parks.


As you can see these 3 locations don’t cost any money. I want to avoid the places that do cost money so that I don’t get tempted into something. I am in a better position with a lowered capitalistic lust for garbage that I don’t need. Everything I try to focus my lust on are free services in the digital network these days. It works fine as long as my computers work. When the computer breaks, then I need to find non-digital lusts to feed my vice on.


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