Where is the worst place to be when the poo strikes?

I have been in some uncomfortable situations where I had to poop, but couldn’t right away. It seems that most modern designs in cities will try to offer visitors the needed facilities to take care of themselves. But, many of these cities will grow tired of having to clean up after the defacement and grafitti mostly found in mens bathrooms.

Cities may have been well-intentioned to offer a place to poo, find the act of generosity to backfire on them and many don’t take it lightly. It may start with enforcing curfew hours. and then to shutting it down completely. Many people have been confident that they could poo in a park that clearly has a bathroom to find out that the bathroom is locked up.

Sometimes the worst situations for pooping can be the ones where you thought the bathroom was unlocked but isn’t. As you get closer to the bathroom, you start relaxing your bowels in preparation for the great poo. It’s hard not to feel a little relaxed as you approach the bathroom. It is like a sanctuary for your colon.

Why are we so trained to poop in toilets anyway? These objects haven’t always been around since the dawn of time. Toilets were made as a result of plumbing inventions. When modern pipes were getting installed, the toilets became more mainstream. They became the only way that most people know how to poop today.

Do you think that dogs or any other animal has a worst place to poop? If they are not caged up in a small area, they don’t usually have to worry about holding in their poop. They will go whenever the moment strikes and that is usually the most satisfying. Humans may be around watching and giggling at these creatures pooping, but the cops aren’t called and it’s considered a part of nature.

What isn’t considered a part of nature is when a human poops in public. People will call the cops if they saw you pooing in the forest. You can be charged with many different kinds of offenses, such as public indecency, hazardous waste, tresspassing, disorderly conduct and others, depending on the kind of poo you leave behind.

When I poop, I don’t worry about how it will fertilize nature. I worry more about having the privacy from public so I don’t get another human shrieking about it. Even if I am in the woods and far away from a bathroom, I am more worried about another human watching me poop. I haven’t gotten desperate at times too. When the poo strikes, I run as deep into brush as I can and still try to be quiet while I poop.

I find toilet paper essential for pooping and I try to keep some on me. Although, there have been quite a few times where I went without, and it was awful. I hate that greasy feeling between my cheeks. To not be able to wipe it away with something makes for uncomfortable walks away from a bathroom. I try not to take big steps when the inner lining of my but cheeks feel extra greasy. I worry it can spread out more with each step.

We are so dependent upon toilet paper. It is such a common household item in our modern times. But it hasn’t always been this way, and may not be a handy convenience in the future. I remember after Russia fell and somebody who came back from visiting there said to bring your own toilet paper. This was in the late 1990s.Either Russians were too poor to afford toilet paper or they used something else.

Usually grass and leaves can make for a good toilet paper. However, in the city, the grass is mowed down to nubs and the leaves tend to be out of reach. Our cities have been designed around the use of toilet paper. Lawnmowers have chopped down huge tracts of natural toilet paper. And, people don’t seem to be slowing down with controlling grass. Many people may find it unnatural to see grass longer than 3 inches from the ground.


3 thoughts on “Where is the worst place to be when the poo strikes?

  1. Put your money where your mouth is and get that diaper thong wedged way up there in your ass! You are so mental that you tell other people what to do, but don’t do it yourself…how fucking hypocritical!

    I got an itchy itchy anus!

    Wedge it up there real good!

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