Suicidal People Tend to Lack Good Physical Conditioning

All these cutters, self-harmers, risk-takers, drug addicts, and mentally unstable people usually have a common problem of not knowing how to properly exercise. I have been saying that people are their most successful when they eat right. But even eating correctly is hard and takes a good discipline. To eat correctly for exercise is on a different level of living. So, people who can’t get their diet right will also move down the path to suicide.

I have felt suicidal at times particularly when I don’t feel healthy. It’s not so much when I get a cold or flu, but something more serious. When the sickness gets so bad I don’t want to face it anymore. One time, I was exposed to harmful levels of silicon in the air. I felt incredibly dizzy, woozy and my thoughts were not clear. I just wanted to die. I wanted to run out in front of a car and end my life. It was just a simple exposure to a terrible chemical where all I needed was fresh air to alleviate symptoms.

My exposure was acute and I got through it. But there are chronic long term cases of people not being well. If they are at a point in their lives where exercise is not being engaged in, then they will be more likely to be suicidal. If people don’t know how to tap into the stress-relieving action of exercise, then their depression will make suicide more likely.

Not everybody can have access to a gym. There are probably statistics out there that say gym memberships lower the rate of suicide. I think people who can afford the time and money into a gym workout are more likely to enjoy a better quality of life. This is also assuming they also don’t have any drug or alcohol addictions and enjoy a nice exercise routine.

There are many factors that could shatter healthy people, such as brain damage or other organ damage from a traumatic event. But otherwise, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

People want to separate the brain as an entity by itself as a part of the body. If someone becomes suicidal, then the psychologists want to look entirely at the subjects brain and try to tap into what they are thinking. But, like the involuntary reflex of breathing, the mentally ill patient may not be able to consciously explain what their problem is. Our conscience mind does not have to think through many of our bodies functions.

Part of the reason that the brain is so important is that if we lose it, then all the other organs fail. But if we lose our liver, everything else fails, just like the lungs or stomach or any of the others. I suppose you would then argue that the other organs can get replaced but the brain cannot. Either way, these organs are still dependent upon each other and they all lead to our general feelings.

By exercising through a bad mood, with the proper nutrition and rest, we can all avoid suicidal tendencies.When all the organs are working in good alignment, then the extreme thoughts become more distant.

I try to listen to my organs as much as possible. Before I can listen to my brain, I need to make sure that all my other organs are in good working order. This isn’t easy to do and it takes learning a good skill for listening. I think the Acupuncture training is the best for learning how to listen to our organs. There are energies and colors to look for. They can correct imbalances and bring a person back from suicidal thoughts.

Although, I am troubled by the high suicide rates in China, which is the home of Acupuncture. We seem to get a lot of news stories of people jumping out of multistory buildings in factory districts alot. Are they very healthy and getting the proper exercise in their day to day lifestyles? Maybe not.

Ultimately, I think it’s easy to develop a love for physical pleasure and a little pain. I love to feel muscle pain when I am exercising properly. I never want the pain to stop because it makes me feel more alive. I think this has held back many suicidal thoughts.


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