Police will change their minds as they deal with suspects

This cop said that it was ok to sleep at the church, but when his buddy showed up and asked if I pissed in Sherwood Forest, then I was told not to sleep in the church parking lot anymore. It suddenly became more of a problem. It’s amazing how a cop can escalate the situation himself, particularly when the backup arrives.

Later when I did drive to Walmart, I saw the backup unit waiting for me. I think he was a little mad that I took so long to drive to Walmart. I figured he was going to try and follow me and look for a reason to pull me over, so I waited about 10 minutes before leaving the church. He pulled a strange maneuver by pulling in front of me by turning into the oncoming traffic lane. I think he forgot about the barrier separating the lanes and was forced to drive against traffic for a little bit. I wish I could have recorded that maneuver.


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