Getting Sick From Food is Confusing. My cold started with heartburn.

I ate dehydrated potatoes with dehydrated buttermilk. 30 minutes later I started to feel uncomfortable in my heart area. It felt like some kind of heart burn. This lasted through the night and then I woke up with a very sore throat that lasted all the next day. Every so often my heart would jump and make me very aware of it.

I also had a diminished ability to take deep breaths. I didn’t feel that it was life-threatening, but mild. It is a sign of early stages for heart trouble when you struggle for that deep breath. I knew that I needed to work on correcting my health when I feel that mild symptom.

Then the throat soreness turned into a very runny red nose and lowered ability to smell. I got a cold and have been losing a lot of snot through the 3rd day My heart jumps every few hours and the last time it jumped I had to go poop.

It’s strange but many times when my heart gives a jumping feeling, I have to go poop. I experience the worst of the heart jumping when I am sitting slouched on a chair. I have to open my chest more for better relief in my chest. My laziness causes problems with my sitting posture.


One thought on “Getting Sick From Food is Confusing. My cold started with heartburn.

  1. I hope you pooped your pants so that you can sing the “Itchy Itchy Anus” song! Better get the toilet paper wedged way up next to your anal sphincter! It’s more like a direct diaper!

    You are so mentally ill it isn’t even funny anymore. I’ll come visit you in the insane asylum!

    Don’t thank me, thank you!


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