Hoarding copper, silver, gold and aluminum has caused serious ecological damage

there is one thing that is made clear about the cleanliness of these metals: they kill germs. But, humans decided to extract these metals for other purposes. This leaves the germs to run more rampantly throughout nature as a result.

Ever hear about how leaving a silver dollar in water will clean the water of bacteria? The silver causes the bacteria to short circuit themselves and die. It’s a slow process that works best with moving water. However, the panhandlers needed to remove the gold and silver from the water, thereby increasing the bacteria counts as a result.

You might argue that we got these metals mostly underground through mining procedures. Nonetheless, there is still groundwater that used to receive the benefits of the bacteria killing metals. 

You might recall that throwing a penny in a well brings good luck. Well, this originated from pennies being made of copper and other coins being made of silver. If you throw either of these into the well, they will kill bacteria. By killing bacteria with more pennies, you can bring extra luck that the water won’t be tainted.

When I read “The Northwest Passage” they talked about copper being so visible on the surface of the earth that entire hillsides were covered in it. I can imagine a very green hillside from the copper, as that is the color of rusted copper. It turns green on the surface. To see such a sight must have been magnificent. People like to use copper flashing on their homes because it rusts to a beautiful green.

Humans are hoarders and redistribute the precious metals to the richest people. So, in effect, the rich people will be the hoarders of very clean metals that they can enjoy the benefits of. While, in turn, the poor people become more exposed to disease as we have less access to the precious metals.

People may have taken for granted what the value of gold really is. Since we have moved away from the gold standard, we have lost touch with its true value. It has simply become a price war for some people. Many people are clueless what it is like to handle gold or use tools made of gold, silver or copper. Instead, more people are caught up using the disease-ridden plastics.

More people get sick by using plastic utensils than they do with metal. Yet, many people don’t even know or understand the suttle differences. Many people just take it all for granted and assume there is no difference. If you aren’t convinced there is a cleanliness difference between plastic and precious metal, then you need to study it closer. It is a real thing.

I strongly believe that wildlife is more exposed to disease than ever now at the precious metals have extracted from the lakes and rivers. Canned Heat sang a song about how the water tasted like wine in the country. This was largely due to the precious metals interacted with the water. Less water will taste like wine today. It will be more bland and filled with terrible bacteria.

It is more important than ever to clean your water because of the precious metals extractions. You might think filtration is enough, but also think about the electrical imbalances that occur without metallic influence. It’s not safe to throw the water out of balance as much as we have with our greed.


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