Fewer Campfire Spots and more Restaurants Have Increased Job Growth Numbers

By making it more illegal to do the free things and, in turn, opening the variances of tax-revenue activities, the cities can create more jobs. But, think at what expense this is causing. The US is robbing Peter to pay Paul. It’s not sustainable. The US government increasingly finds things that the people can do for free and then decrees it illegal or severely limiting it in favor of businesses that can report taxes and employees.

Are we really demanding so many extra waiters and waitresses to be employed? They are eating themselves and blaming customers for low tips on an increasing basis. It has become a major political problem because people assume that restaurants are normal and naturally increase in size and compete more intensely as time goes on. Restaurants are not normal, they are a product of capitalism. The restaurant is a relatively new institution on the American landscape.

If you look at the lifestyles of pioneers, they didn’t stop off at restaurants as they traveled west. They made campfires along the way and grew more intimate with their food prep. There was a wall to separate the cooks from the hungry people. There was no money that needed to be exchanged. There was no specialty menu. Everyone ate what was available. It’s similar to how “Community Meals” work now.


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