Escape the Heat: Running North isn’t as Effective as Going West from Wilsonville, Oregon

Looking at the weather predictions for Wilsonville I see this:

bandicam 2015-06-05 17-01-08-379

But straight west in Tillamook, the weather looks much more reasonable:

bandicam 2015-06-05 17-02-55-438

And right on the coast it’s even more reasonable:

bandicam 2015-06-05 17-03-57-117

If I tried to go the same distance just as far north, I won’t get as much relief from the heat:

bandicam 2015-06-05 17-09-49-793

Here is the area of oregon I’m looking at:

bandicam 2015-06-05 17-11-24-177

It looks like there is a very big difference between coastline weather and inland weather in Oregon. Imagine how much worse it can get in the mid-America. As tempting as going straight to the coast is, I have to be wary of the police because they have even more laws to follow to beat back the poor people from the coast.There is a lot of money to be made in stable weather environments. A good portion of that extra money also gets shared with the cops who will harass and intimidate the poor people from trying to set up camp on the beach.

The ocean is more self-cleansing than any stream, lake or river. Yet, the regulations against use of the ocean are much more strict.


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