How to Turn Your Man from Theon to Reek, Game of Thrones style

It looks like Ramsay has the right formula to work with, even though it’s fiction and the actor who plays Theon should still have his penis. But, if you look at the history of torture, hypnosis, Stockholm syndrome and many other mind bending psychology techniques, you can also put together a winning strategy to change your man.

Look at Howie Mandel getting easily (or made to look easy) hypnotized by this magician:

I seen a movie called Serious Moonlight, where the wife tortures her husband into loving her again:

Once again, this is fictional entertainment but is based on actual human psychology. When you put a person through enough stress they can change and bend to your will. They do it in the military as a part of the standard practice. I was in the military and had a female Training Instructor. She was a big influence on how I view women. I look at them as having the chance to be as successful as men, if not more, and that is ok.

In conclusion, lots of torture works. The cutting off of the penis is an effective way to control a man, because that is our toy. Or, even the threat of losing our sex drive can stress us out enough to change. For example, in the military, they threatened to inject the males with saltpeter or something the take the energy out of our balls. I believe I was sweating because I was so nervous about that. It was set up as some kind of twisted lottery.

The question is how hard can you be on your man before they fight back or leave. I believe that you still must remain attractive for your man not to leave. If you get fat, then you forceful powers really may not work so well. You have to also work on yourself and become a good example of positive behavior first. If you work on yourself first, then you may not even need to get to the point of even needing to torture your man into submission.

Eating no sugar extracts will get you very far in attracting the other or same sex. I just can’t stress that enough. Other positive positive qualities in your attraction will closely hinge on what you don’t put in your mouth to call food. Many people find Ramsay attractive. That is another positive quality that keeps Reek faithful.

Ramsays powers of persuasion would not be so strong if he was grotesque-looking and fat.


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